Saturday, October 18, 2008

And We Reap the Whirlwind

This election cannot come fast enough. Last week, I wrote that the McCain campaign, along with supporters, were, to borrow a phrase from the Old Testament, "sowing the wind." With every day that passes, I fear more and more that we will all reap the whirlwind. I am worried about violence as election day approaches, and worried that an Obama victory will leave many people believing that a socialist-terrorist-anti-American who they should fear occupies the White House. All courtesy of John McCain and the RNC.

On Thursday night, on Letterman, McCain awkwardly interjected that regarding the financial crisis, the American people had been victims of "a drive by shooting" by Washington and Wall Street. Just a random statement, of course.

Last night, I listened in absolute shock as Rep. Michelle Bachman, a United States Congresswomen, questioned whether or not Sen. Barack Obama was "anti-American." Really?

I listened to network after network replay the vile robocall to swing state voters, warning them, essentially, that Obama and his terrorist friends plotted to kill Americans. Despicable. All paid for by McCain and the RNC-the same McCain who for a minute last week seemed to be tamping down the incendiary speech that has marked and marred his campaign in recent weeks. No more.

Yesterday, Republican women distributed fake food stamps with Obama's picture. And, today, McCain called Obama a "socialist."

And, tonight, this, a racist flyer, threatening Obama's life , distributed in mailboxes of an Atlanta subdivision. No idea who did this. Whether it is the KKK as the piece claims, or a group or individual seeking to influence the election. The Secret Service is investigating-and no matter who did it, they should go to jail.

I no longer believe that John McCain is a victim of this strategy, simply unable to lead. With his words today, it is clear, John McCain has sold his soul.

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