Saturday, October 25, 2008

Clinton in Georgia!

(Photo Credit: Lauren Benedict)

What charisma and wisdom. President Bill Clinton was in Atlanta tonight for Jim Martin. The event at Trois was sold out by late yesterday, and at least 450 people packed the room tonight.

The Martin Campaign brought in some serious cash tonight as President Clinton energized the crowd, reminding anyone who might've forgotten what Chambliss did to his friend of 20 years Max Cleland. (To laughter, Clinton pointed out that he and Max were friends long before anyone thought either would amount to what they ultimately became.) Clinton said that he wished he had done more when Chambliss launched the awful ads against Max. Today, he stressed the importance of this race in determining the direction of the country.

I can tell you this, as David Worley said in introduction, Bill Clinton could've been anywhere in the country tonight, stumping for dozens of candidates. But he was in Georgia. And that should tell us something about the state of this race.

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