Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Georgia Sheriff's Race Goes National

Making the case that even Republicans in red states are grabbing for Obama's coattails, this San Francisco Chronicle piece by Chip Johnson references our sheriff's race right here in the heart of Georgia, my sister's dinner party in North Carolina and your's truly. Here's a bit:

While some angry voters have chanted Obama's middle name, "Hussein," as an insult at Republican rallies, local candidates on the Nov. 4 ballot are using his well-known name on their campaign signs, mailers and Web sites to improve their chances of winning.The tactic has been seen in races from the Bay Area, which is serious Obama country, to Georgia, where a law-and-order Republican for sheriff in the liberal enclave of Macon is using the name as a political prop.

Macon, where we have more churches than restaurants, "liberal enclave." Ha! Tongue-in-cheek, I'm sure.

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Tina said...

Liberal enclave? Macon? Love it !