Monday, October 6, 2008

McCain's "Emergency"

I get email. Today the one from the McCain campaign dropped into my Blackberry with only one word of the subject line visible; "Emergency." While that pretty much summarizes the desperate posture of his campaign right now, I thought, incorrectly, that the email might be about the financial precipice where our nation struggles to find a foothold, but I should've know better. The sinking economy is last thing John McCain wants to discuss. The email, about the RNC's "emergency" voter registration drive, is just the latest example of the too little, too late politics of yesterday that have become the hallmark of the McCain team. In key swing states like North Carolina (who'd have thought it?!), Deus Lo Vult says:

Democrats have added 184,113 new voters, while the Republicans have only brought in a new 24,614 voters. Right now, after checking the N.C. State Board of Elections website, the current registration levels sit at 2,698,293 for the Democrats, 1,945,086 for the Republicans, for a difference of 753,207.

Here in Georgia alone, since 2004 nearly 577K new voters have registered and as many as 300K registrations are currently in the pipeline. And, polling indicates that those new voters overwhelmingly favor Barack Obama and Jim Martin. Some polls show Martin leading Chambliss by as much as 25 points among those newly registered voters.

The bottom line? Our senate race in Georgia is up for grabs. Expect Chambliss to now begin to employee the same desperate politics of personal destruction that McCain has telegraphed will be his October strategy (or is that a tactic?). Jim Martin needs money, he needs volunteers and he needs your support. And, Obama? The race is his to lose, but lose it he can. Time for all hands on deck!


Dora said...

I do not believe that Obama has this election won - even as much as I want him to win over McCain.

I will not be able to rest until Nov 5th and if McCain wins then...I'll probably take a valium or two and go to bed for a week to recoup and pray.

I'm still very nervous....because I am surrounded by people who think that Palin is the best thing since sliced bread.

We actually had a local woman quoted here in our local newspaper as she was exiting the advanced voting machine and said she voted for Palin "because she sure is pretty and has brains."
I nearly swallowed my tongue at the ignorance. EVEN IF Palin were on the ticket that I am passionately campaigning for...I can't imagine someone claiming ignorance of such an irresponsible reason to vote for someone. What has this country come to?

I guess the woman thinks that Palin will just bat her lashes and swish her hips at terrorist or Putin or congress and get what she wants??? @@

I want Jim Martin to win and I want Obama to win. Period.

Tina said...

I feel really good about Obama's chances of being the next President of the United States.
BUT I am working right up to the last minute. Registration time is over. Now it's phone time and GOTV time