Wednesday, October 15, 2008

No Drama: Obama

That's my commentary on the debate tonight. Before I saw the polls, I told my family that I thought this was McCain's worst debate. Why? Politics at this point is tonal. The few who listen to every word have long since stopped. Voters look at demeanor and listen for tone. Tonight, McCain sounded mad; Obama sounded calm and confident. It comes back to who do I want addressing the nation if the worst has happened. Not McCain. Listening to him makes me feel anxious. Certainly not Palin. I'll take Mr. No Drama: Obama.


Dora said...

The whole time I was watching I kept coming back to the following thoughts:
1) McCain looked and acted very "ruffled"
2) The moderator was better this time than all the others put together. He asked pointed questions that were different. Bravo to Bob!
3) McCain's body language was tween-ish with the eye rolling and incredulous glances like he was trapped and couldn't get out.
4) Obama was the same consistent, straight talker that he has been from the beginning. Calm and consistent and UNruffled were his biggest traits that came across.
5) Obama didn't lead himself into any snafus (sp) I even like how he said he wouldn't apologize for some of his positions. I also value that he will protect RoeV. Wade and how he described his position on that topic.
6) The only water cooler moment that McCain had was when he said Obama should have run against Bush 4 years ago. My hubby thought that was grasping a bit.
7) McCain had a difficult time looking Barack in the eye other than fleeting.
8) McCain seemed ruffled like a school boy who would "hrump" at every time he didn't agree with something.
9) I wanted Barack to say, "Prove it John....right here, put your money where your mouth is...but the problem is that you don't know where your mouth is.." but I am glad I'm not Obama's advisor. The image and projection that he gave is exactly what the country needed to see because that is who he is.

I've already voted...but I sure hope that gazillions of other people who were still on teh fence were able to make up their minds last night.

I don't want a President who rolls his eyes and flicks his pen when things get a bit ansy.

Tina said...

We gotta keep on working right up to the last minute. Hopefully, on November 5, Barack and Michelle can have a quiet cup of coffee & chat about measuring the drapes.

Dora said...

I wholeheartedly agree. I'm still nervous about what will happen because I know what some people (or parties) will go to in order to win. It's not over till its over.
I'd be so pleased if Obama won GA along with the entire election...even if for nothing but to hush my neighbor who said she "was going to pray for my soul" when she saw my Obama yard sign and bumper sticker.