Friday, October 24, 2008

Pat Dooley Needs Your Help TODAY

Pat Dooley, Candidate for Georgia House District 38

Pat Dooley needs your help TODAY!

In House District 38, Pat, endorsed by Georgia's WIN List and EMILY's List, is poised to WIN as voters reject the failed policies and negative campaign of Republican, anti-choice incumbent, "Thunder" Tumlin.

How does "Thunder" respond? By spending tens of thousands of dollars on spiteful mail attacking women and working families. Now it's time for us to fight back, and you can do that by making a contribution of $25, $50 or $100 or more to Pat today. With your help, we can take this seat back and send a woman to Atlanta who will fight for Georgia women, not attack them.

Show "Thunder" Tumlin that women in Georgia won't stand for this shameful display. Please make a contribution today to help Pat win. Give her the support she needs to WIN!


Tim said...

I live in District 38 and discovered this link when I was trying to find out who won last night. Congrats to Dooley for pulling out the big win. I would like to call out the writer and ask when this mailer was sent from "Thunder." I never received it and would love to see a copy if it actually exists. I did get 7 or 8 really nasty mailers from Pat Dooley in the race that were classless. I guess it is ok for her to send it since she is a woman. I'll wait for the proof, I imagine it'll be a while.

MelissaE said...

Apparently Pat has pulled the same crap that she claimed her opponent did two years ago. One of Pat Dooley's flyers said that her opponent this year, Sam Teasley has raised taxes this past year. I wonder how he could do that being a private citizen? He hasn't been in office yet!
Like Tim said, I guess if is ok since she is a woman.