Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pennsylvania Pundit

I sometimes forget that one of our own Georgia Peaches in Macon really has her roots in Philly. Wendy Sullivan Boston sent me the following email which I think sums up the McCain/Palin chances in Pennsylvania.

Two things I know about Philly: #1 we love our Flyers. #2: we are a superstitious lot (makes sense when you figure we are a bunch of Irish and Italian working class union people).......So what does the Flyers owner (a big repub donor) do? Has Palin the Hockey Mom drop the puck on opening night against the Rangers (apparently to resounding boo's).....and then the Flyers go on to get annihilated. Any Pennsylvanians who were undecided and many who were planning to vote for Palin have now changed their minds, mark my words!!
Wendy Sullivan Boston

Wendy, I hope these prove to be sage words. Just in case, I'm throwing a little salt over my shoulder and making sure I don't break any mirrors, walk under any ladders or let any black cats cross my path!


Amy Morton said...

From Michael Jablonski:

"We also have another powerful Georgia Democratic Woman with ties to Philly. Her name is Shirley Franklin."

Amy Morton said...

Indeed, we do. Somehow I think that the Fylers would've been better off with Shirley dropping the puck.