Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Poor Allen Freeman

Poor Allen Freeman, his yard signs have gone missing, and he's stopped just short of calling out the National Guard (a group he was a part of when he did not leave U.S. soil during the Gulf War) in a effort to hold the evil robbers accountable. He's issued a press release (something he could not manage to do when the veterans were getting evicted) and called on the sheriff's departments in Bibb and Jones County to investigate. Hey, if the signs were taken over county lines, then maybe he should get the GBI involved, too. Clearly, none of these law enforcement agencies have anything else to do.

Do I have to say it? There is a story like this EVERY campaign cycle. Last cycle, Lauren Benedict's signs mysteriously went missing, yet, alas, there was no call to arms. Why? Because crying about this is just plain silly. On Allen Freeman's watch, 1.5 billion has been cut from education, the state faces a deficit of up to 2 billion dollars, and DOT appears to be handling their bills like a drunken college student, and what does Rep. Freeman want to talk about? Yard signs.

Anyway, I'm not sure how or whether Epps will respond, but it turns out that a slight modification of Freeman's own press release makes a pretty good argument. Here's my version-a spoof the Epps campaign has neither seen nor endorsed, by the way:

Epps Calls On Freeman to Condemn Reckless Spending in Atlanta

(Bibb Co.) – Today, James "Bubber" Epps called on his opponent, State Representative Allen Freeman (R- Macon), to condemn the reckless spending of Atlanta politicians that has created a budget deficit totaling almost two billion dollars.

Jobs in Middle Georgia began disappearing years ago – however, the empty factories have remained, and homes have been covered with foreclosure notices. Now, many of the very best jobs – having a value of $70,000 a year each - have simply disappeared. Plus, on Rep. Freeman's watch, more than 1.5 billion dollars has been taken from our children's schools. A report would have been filed with the Bibb and Jones County Sheriff's Office for theft, but Rep. Freeman was responsible for protecting the money. He has yet to apologize and, remarkably, expects voters to send him back to Atlanta again, with the keys to the coffers.

"I have endured many heated campaigns. But, never have I seen anything like this. This kind of pettiness and childish behavior is exactly why voters are turned off by our electoral process" said Epps who urges a campaign run on issues and the candidates' integrity.

"Although I give my opponent the benefit of the doubt – the fact that his votes have contributed to the missing money makes it clear that he is responsible. We can no longer allow Freeman and the vandals in Atlanta to manage our state's economy. I call on "Allen" to publicly denounce this behavior and give the voters names of anyone he knows to be involved" Epps added. Anyone who has information about the money missing from the state treasury or from our schools is encouraged to VOTE for Bubber Epps.

The total loss to Georgia schools has exceeded $1.5 billion dollars-funds that are desperately needed all four counties Bibb, Twiggs, Wilkinson, and Jones of House District 140.



Red Man said...

I don't think we have to worry, I think Freeman is coming home.

Even the people that have supported Freeman in the past will not support him this time due to his underhanded and childish campagin tactics (i.e. whining about signs, calling the Epps house, calling and harrassing Epps supporters, etc...). I know because I once supported Freeman and I have talked with hundreds of other former supporters who feel the same way.

Amy said...

Comming home, that is an understatement... He never left...

--- Dessert Storm, Since you obviously do not know your location.. Operation Dessert Storm was in SAUDIA ARABIA .. Not California.
You do remember, dont you?
Does Sadam ring any bells..