Thursday, October 30, 2008

Saxby's abortion calls push mamas to Martin

This a comment from joybaby promoted from Tina's post about robo calls for Saxby paid for by the Chamber of Commerce (thought they were supposed to be non-partisan).

I received a call from the CoC today AND from the Saxby campaign. Both were on
abortion. That makes 4 abortion calls and 4 abortion mailers. I can't let my
kids answer the phone anymore or even listen to the incoming message. I can't
even let them go to the mailbox. On the first call I got, I was pounced on by 2
kids with Mama, what's abortion? Why are they calling you about it, Mama? Why is abortion bad, Mama? Yeah, not a conversation I was ready to have. I'm very upset by these calls and have left messages and emails with Sen Saxby's office. . . AND we voted for Jim Martin!

Using abortion as a wedge is not pro-child or pro-family.


Vic said...

31204 received an anti-Martin mailer today. It was sent by the "Americans for Job Security, Alexandria, Va."

AfJS was originally funded by one million dollars from both the Insurance and Paper Industries.

I guess the AfJS knows that the Republican led Treasury will need a bunch of paper to print up the $700 billion to socialistically bail out the Insurance and Banking Industries, where the money used to be concentrated before they bankrupted our country.

Tina said...

The Republicans are pushing all the old hot buttons they can right now. What they don't realize is that we've got a whole new set of hot buttons and theirs don't work any more.

worthless democrat said...

So why don't you bunch of socialist nutbags just donate your checks to the federal government?

You applaud all these government programs, why don't you name just one that actually works.

You got rid of C. Jack, now you have the house boy Reichert who caved to political expediency again by letting off all those preachers who squandered the loot that C. Jack gave em.

You're a bunch of winners.

Amy Morton said...

Very good point, Victor. I don't suppose they need any of that paper over at the Telegraph.

And, WD, I am a SMALL BUSINESS OWNER, and so is my husband. I think that we are personally paying for the bailout, based on our taxes. So, get over yourself. It's amazing that you assume that anyone who disagrees with your narrow world view must be a lazy, unproductive socialist. Sort of like I assume you are a scared, narrow minded xenophobe.

takeastand said...

If these pro choice people really took some time to research abortion: the techniques used, the toxins injected, the bone breaking, neck snapping, skull crushing techniques used to dismember the fetus in order to terminate its life, they might think twice about abortion. It's quite horrendous.
We need to seriously reconsider the casual attitude we have about abortion as a form of birth control. YES< women should have control of their own bodies. A fetus is not their body.

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