Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Staton Aide Warns of Election Night "Security Issues"

I don't know whether it's the comparison to Jack Ellis, the idea that an aide (or at least someone with a email account) thinks they need to come down from on high to advise local law enforcement regarding possible security risks on election day (implying that local law enforcement is incompetent, living under a rock or both), or the fact that an increased police presence could intimidate some voters- see Florida 2000- but something about this email is just plain wrong. Of course the fact that it comes from the office of Mr. Voter ID himself, Cecil Staton, is enough to make me suspect of the purpose:

From: Zach Johnson []
Sent: Wednesday, October 22, 2008 1:26 PM


Subject: Election night issues

Good afternoon,

As a strict precautionary measure I want to bring the possibility of election night issues to your attention. With this being one of the most heavily followed elections in history, I strongly feel that which ever way the election goes the city of Macon could be faced with potential security issues on election night. If you remember, following the election of Mayor Jack Ellis downtown Macon faced substantial celebratory damage and it is my fear that if Obama/McCain wins or loses we could face even greater issues this election. With the City’s recent crime issues, I strongly feel that you all need to huddle with the Mayor, The Chief of Police and well as the Sheriff to put together a contingency plan for potential election night issues. Thank you for your leadership!

Best regards,
Zach Johnson


Erick Erickson said...

Amy, I feel the need to say something here. Zach called me this afternoon. He expressed a similar concern to me. He said directly that this was his concern as a constituent and he was not calling on Cecil's behalf. He also talked to Tom Ellington, he said, who is a friend of his.

I think this legitimately is a case of a staffer who should have used his gmail account, but thought he might get paid attention to if he used his campaign account.

That said, he's about the thirteenth or fourteenth person to call or email me and express a similar concern. Of course I've told them all not to worry about Obama losing. Sadly. Oh well.

Amy Morton said...

Trying here:

Thanks. I left my laptop at the office, and posting from my blackberry is dicey, so let me respond to you directly. I don't know Zach but assume he's genuinely concerned, but both the way this concern was expressed-especially bringing up Ellis, and the originating email account is what raised my eyebrows, and I have a feeling I'm not alone. I guess the question is: does Staton support this request?