Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thrills, chills and things that go bump in the night

I am all about grass roots campaigning. Anything that can get voters energized and working for a particular candidate is a great thing. However, I received an email today from Republican candidate for Governor, John Oxendine that seemed to get a little silly with his tips on grass roots organizing. On a side note, I get emails from Oxendine on a regular basis and why he continues to send me these emails I do not know!

In addition to encouraging me to make my homemade McCain/Palin sign - sorry John, no can do - he encouraged us to use Halloween as another opportunity to campaign saying, "With Halloween right around the corner...encourage parents who are trick or treating with their kids to vote Republican or drop a note in the candy bags to asking for their parent's support. You can also dress up your candy bars with Republican stickers."

Now I know that this holiday is all about thrills, chills and things that go bump in the night, but that's just too big a fright for the kiddies and parents. I also think it is a bit much to drag small children into what has become an increasingly vitriolic campaign when they are trick or treating. One thing's for sure, I'll be checking my god children's candy for that scary paraphernalia!


Amy Morton said...

Wasn't this the same email that had "HELP!" in the subject line? He might as well have sent out a mayday. It's just another example of last minute desparation tactics of a sinking ship.

Using children on Halloween to carry the campaign's message? What are they going to do? Dress up like mavericks and get all mavericky on us? Pretend to be agents of change? Pose and someone qualified to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency, perhaps?

Lock your doors, boys and girls. That's scary stuff.

Tina said...

Republican (mis)fortune cookies may be next.