Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Voter Suppression

PAY ATTENTION. The election could turn on this single issue.

Just call this WWKHD? (What Would Katherine Harris Do?) installment #gadzillion. Karen Handel is at it again. If you read ONE article this political season, read this piece in today's AJC by Aaron Gould Sheinin. More than two million Georgia voters were referred to the Social Security Administration to check identity. That compares to three such referrals from Colorado and is about a million more voters than have registered in the state since 2004, and 25% of the national total for such requests. Turns out, in September, Karen Handel-who has been asked by feds to investigate-sent a letter to all local boards of election directing them to submit all new registrations to Social Security for verification. Ahem. Isn't that like asking a suspect to investigate a crime? Next thing you know, there will be threats of citizenship checks at polling places.

You will probably not be shocked to learn that the other states on the list of frequent fliers include Ohio, North Carolina, Indiana and Nevada-all swing states in this election.

This much is clear: Karen Handel will shamelessly continue use the Secretary of State's office like a campaign headquarters for Republicans and will work to suppress the votes of likely Democrats (though they're getting tougher to identify by the minute). We are going to have to fight for ballot access for our candidates and our voters.

And, in 2010, there is no more important office for Georgia Democrats to take back than hers. We must replace her with someone who is willing to serve the public and the law before serving her party.


Tina said...

I just heard on Ga Public Radio this morning that a hispanic man in Cherokee is suing because he is a naturalized citizen and is being made to go through all sorts of questionings and proofs. Good for him.

Vic said...

ajc article 2008/10/10/voters.html