Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Gains Women Made

Want to feel good about the gains women made this cycle? Watch this video. Really. It will be the best four minutes you've spent today.

While we have been understandably focused on the historic election of Barack Obama, democratic women also had a very good night on Nov. 4th, electing two brand new democratic women to the U.S. Senate and electing the first female governor of North Carolina. Across the board, the work of Emily's List is a key reason for their success, and I hope that you will contribute to this important work.

When we see women like Kay Hagan elected to the U.S. Senate, and Bev Perdue become North Carolina's first female governor, it is important to remember that their success was not an overnight phenomenon. That sort of accomplishment began years ago in their education and in their preparation for running for office, and Emily's List has taken that into account in setting their programmatic priorities. For example, through the POP program (Political Opportunity Program), Emily's List helps identify and train future Kay Hagan's to run for office. Those programs touch women right here in Georgia, helping to identify and train great candidates and future leaders. So, toss them some change.

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