Saturday, November 15, 2008

Macon for Martin: Volunteer Opportunities

It's ironic that John McCain begged Georgia republicans to "go to battle one more time" for Saxby Chambliss. Saxby doesn't know much about battles. When his faternity brother, Jim Martin, headed to Vietnam to serve his country, Saxby got himself got five deferments and avoided going to battle at all. Well, Saxby better hope Georgia republicans follow Martin's example instead of his. Why?

Jim Martin is now waging a full-scale ground war to get voters to the polls in advance of the December 2nd runoff. In Macon, the Bibb County Democratic Party Headquaters on 2nd Street has become Martin Central, and there are some immediate opportunities:

1) HOUSING: Volunteers are flooding the state to help with GOTV efforts, and many need housing. Currently, in Middle Georgia, we have a need for housing for four great young men who have traveled here to help Jim. If you have an extra room to share, please let me know ( By the way, no matter how great these young men are, if you house them, you won't see them very often. They're all going to be very busy. Really, we just looking for a place for them to sleep and shower.

2) CANVASSING: Meet at the 2nd Street office tomorrow at 2 pm, and join others to canvass. We expect in person absentee voting to start on either Tuesday or Wednesday.

3) PHONE BANKING: The 2nd Street Office will be open from 9-9 and there are plenty of opportunities to phone bank for Jim. If you have free nights and weekends on your cellphone, please bring your cell to use for phone banking. It's a great way to help Jim at no cost to you!


Tina said...

We're busy on it down here in Houston County too !

Nancy said...

I live in MA and, although not a lawyer, went out to Ohio to work for the Obama legal team during the last week of the campaign and at the polls on Election Day.

I was also town coordinator for John Kerry's re-election campaign for Senate. This was included in an email I got the other day: "Many members of the Kerry campaign field team will be going down to Macon, Georgia the day after Thanksgiving to help Get Out The Vote for Jim Martin in the run off election against Sen. Saxby Chambliss." There have also been notices in Dem newsletters throughout the state. I'm hoping to come down for at least the last weekend, possibly a week.