Friday, November 7, 2008

Shame on You, Sue

Back up, Sue. Put down the kool aide and just walk away.

I get email from the Georgia Republican Party. I have no idea why. I just do. Today, I got an urgent plea from Sue Everhart asking me for money to help send Saxby Chambliss back to Washington.

When pigs fly, Sue.

Given Saxby's well-known history of attacking the patriotism of Max Cleland, a veteran who lost three limbs serving his country while Saxby sat at home with his "bad knees," this particular line in the email evoked images of pots and kettles and made me wonder what's in the kool aide over at the Georgia Republican Party:

Jim Martin ought to be ashamed of the things he said about Saxby, the way he knowingly lied about his record, the nasty and vicious TV ads he ran.

You mean like this ad, Sue?

Sue must live in an alternative universe-one where Amy Morton gives money to Saxby Chambliss and where it's Martin, not Chambliss, who runs"nasty, vicious" ads on television lying about his opponent. The good news is that with the GOP spending a million on ads this weekend, and this email from Sue today, I guess the debate over whether there's a runoff is officially over.