Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Will Saxby's Margin Hold?

I've been watching the SOS site for the last hour-watching as Saxby dips closer and closer to 50%. He was at 50.7 with 95% of the vote counted at last glance. It looks to me as though significant vote is still being counted in metro Atlanta-in areas where Martin will do well. Is is possible that the AP missed this call? Will we wake up in the morning with a runoff?


Blake said...

I think we've got a runoff. WABE this morning was talking recount!

Amy Morton said...

Yep, I think so.

Vic said...

For Historic reference:

1:10p.m. Wednesday 1/5/08

Chambliss 49.9% (R) 1,838,891
Martin 46.7% (D) 1,721,087
Buckley 3.4% (Lib) 126,003
Totals 3,685,981

Bibb County

Martin 35,741 - 56%
Chambliss 26,362 -41.7%
Buckley 1,170 - 1.9%