Sunday, November 9, 2008

The X Factor

For those of you who think that this election was all about race, you're ignoring the critical "X" factor.

But for unmarried women, Jim Martin would be planning a vacation instead of runoff, and Barack Obama, at 47% in Georgia, would not have netted the highest percentage of any democratic presidential candidate in the state, save favorite son Carter, since Kennedy. According to Women's Voices, Women Vote, in Georgia, unmarried women favored Martin over Chambliss by 49 points, and Obama over McCain by 42 points. The same group was an anchor for Obama's victory nationally. Why? According the Women's Voices:

Economic concerns greatly influenced women’s vote in Georgia, including rising health care costs (16 percent), the federal budget deficit and national debt (13 percent), job loss (11 percent), the availability of family-supporting jobs (10 percent), higher taxes (10 percent), and daily expenses like food or child care (10 percent).

It makes perfect sense that overwhelming numbers of all women supported Jim Martin. Overall, exit polls indicate that 54% of all women supported Martin, while he garnered just 38% of the male vote. Jim has always had our back; now it's time for us to step up and make sure he has the support he needs to win. You can do that by contributing to his campaign, today. Saxby Chambliss dropped a cool million of his big insurance, big sugar money on television just this weekend, and Jim needs your financial support quickly to open field offices and fund voter communication. You can also help by volunteering in one of the many field offices that are opening around the state and by taking yourself and five other women to vote in this runoff election. It is YOU who can propel Jim Martin to victory, and here's why you should:

During his 17 years in the Georgia legislature, Jim Martin has consistently stood on the side of women and children, and now it's our turn to stand with him. Jim was one of the key architects of Georgia's PeachCare program that helps thousands of working families afford health insurance for their children. He has fought to protect women's privacy in making medical decision, standing against politicians who sought to substitute their judgement for that of women and their doctors. As NARAL says:

Jim stood with us even when his family was threatened...even when it wasn't popular...even when he constantly had to face down anti-choice politicians in the legislature. Jim signed amicus briefs in support of Roe v. Wade and always voted in support of the landmark Supreme Court decision that recognized that women and their doctors -- not politicians -- should decide what's best for women's health. When Jim was Chairman of the Judiciary Committee in the Georgia legislature, he stood up against an anti-choice abortion ban that came for his committee -- more than once -- because it didn't include an exception for women's health.

It is, indeed, our turn to stand with Jim. If Georgia women will turn out in NUMBERS to support Jim Martin in this runoff, we will elect a brand new democratic senator from Georgia. I urge you to think about what you can personally do to help Jim.

The bottom line? Georgia women will be a critical factor in this runoff election, and it's time for us to step up and help Jim Martin, someone who has always had our back.

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Lauren said...

As a woman, I have been proud to support Jim. His constant advocacy for women, children and families for his entire career makes me think of a comment from President Carter, "Men of quality do not fear women who want equlity." Go Jim!