Sunday, November 30, 2008

You Do Remember Iowa, Don't You?

For those who think that Martin can't win on Tuesday, I have one question: you do remember Iowa, don't you? Because if you do, then you know that an effective field plan can make a contender a winner on election day. In Iowa, the Obama volunteers focused on an area and used a three door knock then get 'em to the caucus approach. And it worked. Right now, there is literally an ARMY in the field here in Georgia, and the plan is intense, penetrating, organized, high-tech-grassroots. It's the Obama machine. And it's working.

Indeed, everyone is calling for Martin today. Metro women are getting a robo call from Michelle Obama, and I had calls from both Max Cleland and Bill Clinton on my home answering machine. Bill rang me on my cell as well, as I reported earlier. But the most important call?

Sebastian. Sebastian is a graduate of film school who worked a congressional race in Ohio and is now in Georgia for the post election Martin Miracle Party. Sebastian is one of at least four people who have called me in the last week who (1) do not live in Georgia; (2) are volunteers and (3) have through their Obama experience come to believe in that with enough field work, the unlikely really can happen. One of the guys who called me last week worked Wisconsin for Obama. I imagine that he believes that if Obama won Wisconsin, Jim Martin can win Georgia. He just might be right.

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