Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Clearing the way for Palin

I mean, seriously, can we at least wait until after the inaugural to start asking folks if they want to run for President next time? How about just waiting until after Christmas? But, no, CNN has the scoop on one big republican who has already taken his hat out of the ring. Oh, God, please help me. There's already a ring.


Tina said...

I agree with a friend of mine who says "Yay! Let Palin be the face of the Republican Party!" Let them Pailin themselves into a corner.

Wes said...

Maybe that's Jindal's plan (though he's empirically not much better in terms of ideology): let Sarah Palin absolutely implode in 2012, then present himself as the face of "effective conservatism" (an oxymoron if ever there was one).


Tina said...

The Republicans have marginalized themselves to some southern and rural states. I don't think our next president will come from Louisiana or Alaska. Lots of nice folks in both states, I'm sure, but both are marginal so far as the national political scene is concerned.