Monday, December 29, 2008

New Year's Resolutions for Georgia Democrats

Here are a few proposed New Year's resolutions for Georgia Democrats:

1) Having perfected the art of the circular firing squad, in 2009, we resolve to point the guns outward, but not in a park, on a playground, in a restaurant or on public transportation.

2) Since this is Georgia, there will be a bloody primary in the Governor's race. This time, we resolve to let it be in the republican primary.

3) While various republican candidates for Governor spar during the upcoming legislative session, we resolve to get out of the way.

4) We resolve to become clairvoyant and therefore anticipate the mistakes the press will make so we can issue corrections before the articles appear.

5) We resolve to work very hard to recruit the three people, God bless them, in South Georgia who want to run for a part time job that will require their full time residency in Atlanta from January until about April each year. They will need to either be independently wealthy or have a very understanding boss - not to mention a very, very understanding spouse.

6) That said, when we choose our nominee for Governor, Lt. Governor and the other constitutional offices, we resolve to remember that there is a Georgia south of I-20, and if we hope to actually elect any of those nominees, we know that we must choose folks who can actually pull some votes from "the other Georgia."

7) We resolve not to dump on local governments. The republicans can have that gig all to themselves, and we'll see how that flies at the ballot box in two years.

8) We resolve to condemn corruption where ever it occurs, even, no, especially if a member of our own party is the perpetrator.

9) In these lean economic times, we resolve to insist that the burden be fairly shared.

10) Finally, we resolve to oppose Rep. Bearden's probable legislation to allow, perhaps even require, judges to carry a concealed weapon into the courtroom and use it to kill the defendant on the spot, regardless of the jury's verdict.

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