Sunday, December 21, 2008

No, Sen. Johnson, I Don't Want to Be in Your Facebook Group

Sen. Eric Johnson doesn't read my blog. How do I know? Because if he had read this, this, this or this, he would never have sent me this:

Eric invited you to join the Facebook group "Eric Johnson for Lt. Governor of Georgia".To see more details and confirm this group invitation, follow the link below: (link here)

Eric Johnson for Lt. Governor of Georgia

Democrat or Republican, Eric Johnson is the last person in Georgia I would consider supporting for Lt. Governor. From his lies on the senate floor regarding Genarlow Wilson and his use of that situation to build his own name id without regard for the impact on all those involved, to his pathetic use of special needs children to further his agenda to divert funds from public education and his failure to stand up for working families who are struggling to find affordable health insurance for their children, Johnson has repeatedly demonstrated that he cares most about taking care of (1) His own political ambition and (2) A narrow group of constituents who agree with his radical agenda.

So, no, Sen. Johnson, I do not want to be in your "Facebook group."

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