Friday, December 5, 2008

Results of Poll in Governor's Race

Here are the results of the (non-scientific) poll on potential democratic candidates in the governor's race. While Poythress is on top, there are a couple of caveats. First, I had a note from Maddy this morning who wanted me to know that the poll was "stuck" not allowing her to put in a name for "other." So, in addition to the general nonscientific nature of the poll and the tiny number of responses, there may have been an actual glitch. Second, from my stats, it looks like one campaign made an effort to email the poll link to their supporters. It's totally fair game to do that, by the way, but it may have impacted the results. Of course, it may also indicate that one candidate is a bit better organized than others...

Thurbert Baker 3% (2 votes)
Roy Barnes 25% (15 votes)
David Poythress 36% (21 votes)
Dubose Porter 19% (11 votes)
Michael Thurmond 2% (1 votes

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