Sunday, December 28, 2008

Some Folks Who Deserve a Pat on the Back

There are some folks who make things tick but are rarely recognized for their efforts. Below are some of my picks for 2008. These are among the unsung heroes who make the trains run on time, but they are not the only ones. I invited you to add your nominations in the comments.

1) Matt Caseman: Thanks to Matt's morning clips, I can pick up my blackberry and know what's going on in Georgia politics before the shower is warm.

2) Randy Lewis: Same props as Matt Caseman. If you have not checked out Randy's site, FitzLew's Georgia Political and Policy Digest, you should. There you will find a daily summary of Georgia's most important political, business, and general news headlines, plus so much more.

3) Jim and Joan Martin: Jim ran and ran honorably, especially for someone who had not planned to run and who had many, many other things he could've spent the last year doing.

4) Steve Leeds: Many of you know Steve; some of you don't. Steve is one of those folks who works quietly behind the scenes to raise the money, support the causes and in general, make things happen. He's on a short list of people who have always done exactly what they have told me they would.

5) Martin Matheny: Communications director for the DPG who always takes my calls, listens to me rant and effectively talks me down.

6) Lynn Farmer: My friend and current president of the Bibb County School Board and director of the Leadership Macon program. Lynn does an outstanding job with the very difficult task of trying to improve our schools despite having fewer and fewer dollars to spend.

7) Duke Groover: That would be Denmark's son, for those of you not from Macon. Duke's one of those folks, again, who is always there ready to work, whether in politics or community service, when the cause or the person is right.

8) Caroline Moise: Longtime board member of Georgia's WIN List who always follows through elegantly with whatever task she takes.

9) Melanie Goux: You may know Melanie from Blog for Democracy, but what you may not know if how many Georgia candidates she bailed out with last minute help. You know who you are.

There are so many more people who deserve be on this list - folks who seldom get the public pat on the back they deserve. These nine are now, officially, patted, and I invite you to add to the list in the comments.


steve said...

You belong on your list! What a nice compliment and surprise to see this first thing this a.m. (I always check and see what you're saying first thing.)I'm honored to be included by you and with such a great group of people.
Steve Leeds

Amy Morton said...

It's well deserved, Steve! I hope you enjoy the rest of the holiday season.

DaJoeYouKnow said...

Joe Allen is a complete ASS. He is a fool and should be ashamed of himself.