Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Update on Turnout in Bibb County

For what it's worth, Daryl cruised by Howard 3 (Mable White) and Howard 9 (North Macon Presbyterian) at lunch, and their were few cars, no lines. Both are strong republican precincts. Looks like a light turnout across the board.

By the way, the Bibb County Board of Elections will not allow poll workers to give poll watchers information about the number of people who have voted. I assume that they will not give it to the press either. Our numbers are from hard counts that the poll watchers themselves have compiled as they counted the people coming in to vote. I can understand not wanting poll workers to be distracted by poll watchers, but I do question how this information could in any way be protected or unavailable to the press or public. The number of voters in a given precinct is a matter of public record, right? We're not talking about exit polling, just counts.

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