Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We're Moving

Georgia Women Vote is in the process of becoming a full partner with Tondee's Tavern, so in the coming days, the content from this site will begin to shift to a new blog site on Tondee's. We're working out the details, but for now, this site will remain up, and you can check out the new site, and new features at:

You'll like the new site. Jon Flack, whose Jayhawks will be defeated by my Tar Heels this year, has done one heck of a job putting it together and has added some cool social networking and calendar features that I am currently learning to use!


Tina said...


Amy Morton said...

Oh, no, don't fret. Tondee's will essentially be hosting the site as blogger does now, and the capabilities exceed what we have now. You will be added as a front page poster on the new site as well. I think you will find the format for posting very user friendly. We're in the process of getting you set up. :) And, this site will remain live, mirroring the new site for several months-maybe forever if we can't figure out how to move all the archives. I want to preserve the content.