Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What is There Left to Say?

This morning, I learned from my sister that my niece, who is a student at the University of Florida, had made a last minute trip to D.C. I think that there was a lot of that going on. During the last week, it is as if a giant magnet were at the Capitol, drawing us all there. Watching the ceremony today, it was so clearly a national day of celebration. We celebrated the peaceful transition of power, Obama's calm in the face of tremendous crises, the look on Sen. John Lewis' face when Obama greeted him on his way to his seat on the podium, and the sea of diverse humanity that stood in the freezing cold to welcome this new day. President Obama is fond of saying that it is not about him, and he is right. My favorite metaphor of the last several days was in his speech on Sunday at the Lincoln Memorial. It is not the stones of the monuments that gives him hope, it is what lies between- you and me. If we want things to be better, change is all about us and our choices. There is much work to be done, but there is, again, hope. I am so elated to have, for once, and event that glued millions of Americans to a television that was not an attack or a natural disaster. God bless you, President Obama. We are with you.

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