Saturday, March 7, 2009

This is Absolutely Outrageous

Facing a deficit of historic proportions, Republican lawmakers in Georgia want to spend tens of millions on a tax cut for big corporations. What do they want to tax instead? Your groceries.

Family friendly bunch, don't you think?

Oh, they'll tell you that Georgians will still be able to take a deduction on their state income tax returns, but we'll pay the money now, and maybe get part of it back later. Maybe. If you file a return; if you know to take the deduction; if you keep your receipts. If, if, if...Of course, families have to eat NOW, not later. At at time when many Georgians are facing skyrocketing unemployment and one in eight homeowners are behind on their mortgages, this is simply outrageous.

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Don Thieme said...

Thank you for staying on top of state politics. I know that they are doing crazy things up there, but I lose patience and forget to pay attention.