Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Forced Unionization in Georgia???

When I saw this on my husband's desk today, my first thought was, "Why is the Georgia GOP sending expensive direct mail to a DPG state committee member?"But, I was wrong. The mailer was from the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, but the message was indistinguishable from the Republican party line. Heck, they could write Sue's next email:

Thanks the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, we now know that my husband's law office is about to be forced to unionize. That's right. Forced. We already knew the part about our health cost skyrocketing. We pay that bill every month, more than I can say for how our insurance company pays the bills we send them. Apparently, in this economy, groups like the Chamber have to resort to fear mongering to inspire new recruits. But, can I just ask, why wasn't the Georgia Chamber looking out for us when the economy was being driven over the edge? Why didn't we get a flier that said "Forced Into Bankruptcy" "Increased Foreclosures" "Hikes in CEO Bonuses?"
By the way, from the postage permit, it looks likethe flier was designed by The Stoneridge Group, a firm that advertises itself on Facebook as working on behalf of "Republican candidates and conservative organizations." The group's current "tweet" is: "President Obama to Enter Diplomatic Talks with Raging Wildfire. Brilliant" . You get the picture. Unfair, unbalanced, and why, though I am a business owner, I will never be a member of the Georgia Chamber.

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Tina said...

Whoo-hoo--four color printing. I bet it was slick paper too. One thing for sure, it didn't have the union bug on it, indicating union printing.