Monday, October 26, 2009

Gee, I wonder what Georgia will do?

Sen. Reid has indicated that he will support a health care reform bill that includes a public option, but that allows states to opt out. Unfortunately, since our congressional delegation has already opted out, there's little question that Georgians, whose health and access to health care can be correctly categorized as the least, the lost and the last, will find ourselves watching as the public option parade passes by.

Here's a question for you. Talk to a Republican about health care reform, and to a person, they will say that people and businesses should be able to purchase plans across state lines. That's code for "purchase plans from states that have the least regulation and the fewest mandates for coverage." Your health insurance policy could end up being worth approximately as much as old Confederate dollars. But, what they don't want is for people in their state to be able to purchase insurance from the federal government. If you can make that make sense, please, have at it.

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Tina said...

Yes, it will be interesting to see what Georgia does. The Republs in Atlanta will be really in a fix if it turns out that the public option will save money for the state.