Friday, February 12, 2010

Be Our Valentine

This Valentine's Day, help elect women who "HAVE A HEART"

Roses wilt, and candy goes to the hip, so this year, give a gift that lasts!

Every year, Georgia's WIN List recruits, trains and elects women committed to the issues that matter the most to Georgia families. These women "Have a Heart".

Show them that you support them by making a donation to Georgia's WIN List. Make your donation today, and we will send them a Valentine, letting them know of your gift. Your contribution will help return endorsed women to office and add new, progressive women to their ranks.

There's no better gift than the gift of good government!

Donations can be made in any denomination and we will make sure they know of your generosity and support.

Click Here and CONTRIBUTE today! Remember to write the name of the honoree in the comments section and we will take care of the rest!

Thank you for your support and have the happiest of Valentine's Days!

Love to you and your family,

The Georgia's WIN List Board


Political Angel said...

The financial contributions of the candidates have recently been released. Contributions to Congressman John Barrow far exceed those to his challenger Regina Thomas, at this point in the campaign. However, the information released in The Savannah Moring News fails to mention the fact that Barrow received almost $250,000 from the financial sectors of Health and Lobbyist, nearly $100,000 from the finance and insurance companies and a mere 10% from people within his district. Let me also include that Mr. Barrow received large donations from the Blue Dog PAC, AFLAC, Pfizer, and the National Assn of Retail Druggists. You can view all of this information for yourself at Therefore, when one reviews Barrow's votes on Healthcare and compares this to his donors, it becomes very clear why Mr. Barrow voted against Health Care Twice! We cannot afford to have our Congressional seat for sale! This Year, let’s Wheel Barrow OUT!!!!

Angel Gray

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Sandra said...

Well, every woman deserves to be happy every valentines. If giving donation will help them feel appreciated. I won't feel any hesitation to give. I just hope this organization still exist until this year. It seems it is already been a while since this blog was posted.


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