Monday, March 28, 2011

Academic Freedom Under Attack

For those of you who have not been following the Republican Party of Wisconsin's use of their open records statute to personally intimidate a university professor with whom they disagree, I urge you follow this jump to read William Cronon blog, Scholar as Citizen, as well as Thomas Friedman's New York Times editorial, American Thought Police.

What was Cronon's crime? He dared to research and discuss ALEC, American Legislative Exchange Council, the right wing legislation factory that should be credited with Republicans across state legislatures all singing in tune off one sheet of music. ALEC merits discussion, sure, but the real issue here is the Wisconsin Republican Party's bare-knuckled assault on academic freedom, a key cornerstone of democracy and a principle treasured by my Baptist ancestors. We should all, regardless of party, be worried.

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Anonymous said...

Politics is just really a headache for me. What happened to that crime? Actually, I never heard of it.

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