Friday, March 18, 2011

Angry Turtles vs. Bag Boys Video = Brilliant Move By N.C. Democratic Party

This made me want to contribute to the N.C. Democratic Party, and I don't even live there any more! I love every single thing about this web video launched by the North Carolina Democratic Party,  and I would love to see the DPG doing something like here in Georgia. God knows, there's plenty of material. Here you go:

Not only is the video eye-catching and funny, it makes an important point. I also love the language in the email used to promote the video:
What's this turtle angry about?  Republican legislative priorities.  The new GOP majority is fast-tracking everything from defunding the public schools to repealing Health Care Reform to reversing strong environmental protection laws-- everything but JOB CREATION.
More than 1000 people have viewed the ad online since its quiet release yesterday, and we want to make sure you didn't miss it. Want to help us share it?  Forward this email to a friend or post the YouTube link on your Facebook page.  The more people see it, the better chance we have to convince the Republican legislature to steer clear of ideological battles and make economic recovery a top priority. Registered Democrats are the real majority in this state: 2.7 million strong!  Our values don't vanish just because our legislative majority does.  Stand with us to keep our public schools strong, our environment clean and our government accountable to the people of this wonderful state.

"Our values don't vanish just because our legislative majority does." LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!! Did I mention that I love it?