Thursday, March 17, 2011

Blame the rape victim: Florida GOP's new play book

You can get the full story here.

But this week Republican Florida House member Kathleen Passidomo - yes, a woman - used an 11 year old Texas girl's gang-rang by 18 men as a reason to push for her own school uniforms legislation.

"There was an article about an 11 year old girl who was gangraped in Texas by 18 young men because she was dressed like a prostitute," Passidomo reportedly said. "And her parents let her attend school like that. And I think it's incumbent upon us to create some areas where students can be safe in school AND SHOW UP IN PROPER ATTIRE SO WHAT HAPPENED IN TEXAS DOESN'T HAPPEN TO OUR STUDENTS (caps are all mine, btw).

Seriously? Now, I'm used to Republican male lawmakers blaming the victim all too often. Look at Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal for starters. But I'm pretty sure this is the first case I've seen of a Republican woman blaming the 11 year old rape victim. "She had it coming," is my take on her quotes, pulled directly from The Broward-Palm Beach News Times coverage. You can read them here.

Want to tell Rep. Passidomo that getting gang-raped isn't the 11 year old's fault, and that using this tragedy for your own political gain is totally out of line? Here's her Capitol number: (850) 488-4487 and her district office number: (239) 417-6200

Passidomo should be ashamed. I hope the Florida Dems are lining up opponents asap.


Amy Morton said...

Oh. My. God. Does she own a school uniform company? What in the world is the matter with this women? Did she miss the bit about rape not being caused by what a women is wearing? This is hideous.

Anonymous said...

I've encountered similar responses from women, Rebublican and Democrat alike. Patriarchical women act like patriarchs.

Amy Morton said...

Yes, and there should be no place in elected office for anyone, male or female, with this attitude. I have admit, that would create a challenge for a few elected in Georgia.

Anonymous said...

Children that are 11, don't ask to be raped.. they are CHILDREN. Blaming a victim for being raped, is like saying that the men in this situation don't have control over their urges, their mind, or their morality...If we believe this then why are we giving men control over our government??? Guess the logic gets lost huh??? Coming out of a Man or a Woman this statement is horrible, a woman should know that children are not adults... and dont have adult thoughts... A female who is in government who says these things, obviously doesn't respect herself or other woman...and certainly shouldn't be representing other women in government.This was more than hateful... it was cruel.

Mary Duvall said...

This is a sick woman Kathleen Passidomo who needs to be punished for saying such a stupid thing. Where does all these idiot women come from ? Any male or especially female that has that kind of attitude should cover her face and go to country where women are not allowed to speak or be seen.

Anonymous said...

I'm currently going through training to become a certified victim's advocate...and this kind of speech by a visible member of society completely undermines victims' rights. The reasonings behind rape is never about sexual gratification...and this woman is perpetuating the old myth that somehow it is. She needs a lesson in sensitivity...and manners.

Amy Morton said...

What she most needs is an opponent. Does anyone know anyone who lives in her district in Florida. It's time to find a Democrat to run against this woman.

Anonymous said...

I am speechless and that is rare. I can't imagine what this child went through. I would normally never suggest this but maybe this woman should be locked in a room with 18 sex offenders and see how she feels. No woman asks to be raped especially a child. Shame on this woman she obviously does not have children, and if she does someone should intervene and see that these children are ok.

Anonymous said...

I don't care if the child, yes child, or any other female is walking down the main street of her town at 1:00 a.m. complete naked she is not "asking for it." For some reason we have these ultra conservative legislators imposing their own biases and views and prejudices on the rest of us...and we are letting them, continuing to vote them into office. Using the gang rape of a child to push her personal agenda for school uniforms is abhorrent. I bet she calls herself a Christian too and is the type of Christian who is holier than her neighbors. Shame on her!

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