Wednesday, March 23, 2011

An Epidemic of Lunacy Under the Gold Dome

Perhaps it's a good thing that the CDC is located in Atlanta. Given the number of idiotic, insulting and, yes, dangerous bills that make their way through the fairly challenging gauntlet of committee and floor votes, there has to be more than one lunatic among the elected. Not everyone is amused with the focus on making sure folks can carry their pistol to communion, or with the efforts of the far right to make it easier for people other than patients to sue doctors.  Can patients who are injured by ER docs sue with ease? No, we are not for that. How about incestuous fathers who are upset about an abortion? Why, yes, step right up, in the weird world that is the Republican-dominated Gold Dome, that's just fine and dandy. At this time, we are unclear about whether the incestuous father would be able to carry his pistol to court, either civil or criminal. If Georgia Republicans have their way, I'd put that in the likely category.

Unfortunately, it turns out, Republicans are only interested in protecting doctors from lawsuits when doing so doesn't trample on any of their special interests. If you don't believe me, read Sen. Barry Loudermilk's SB210, a bill that passed with only 16 'nays'. For the record, this lunacy epidemic may be jumping species, attacking Democrats and Republicans alike.  For those who are not political nerds (i.e. who are normal) there are 20 Senate Democrats. I see only one "yes" vote from a Democratic Senator (Curt Thompson), but others were excused or did not vote.

Given the number of ridiculous bills he has sponsored, Sen. Loudermilk earned  this tongue lashing from the Rome New-Tribune, but he is not alone. 

The question is simple. When will the Georgia legislature stop the epidemic of lunacy and focus on job creation? We're on pins and needles.

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