Thursday, March 31, 2011

Georgia: Senate Democrats Show Moxie

They may be in the minority, but Senate Democrats in Georgia have repeatedly found a way to make their point this session. Galloway has the details of their latest....adventures. 

5:04 p.m.: Here's an update from Galloway. The upshot is that Senate Republicans are experiencing a crisis of confidence in their leadership. You will recall that even before session began, certain members worked together to do to Lt. Gov. Cagle what had done to Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor -strip him of his power and make his position effectively ceremonial. The difference of course is that Taylor was a Democrat presiding over a new Republican majority while Cagle is a Republican. Turns out that knives stabbed in backs can be removed and appropriated for other purposes. Today, when Sen. Hooks (D) offered a perfectly innocent piece of legislation asking that the rules be changed to restore 'points of personal privilege' to the front of the Senate agenda each day, the legislation was a Trojan horse, serving as a vehicle for a no confidence vote in the Senate leadership. With 14 Senate Republicans abstaining, an amendment to engross the legislation failed, allowing the bill to move forward to rules and then to the floor for debate. By opening debate on this Senate rule, all Senate rules will be fair game - including the rule used to strip Cagle of his power.With their caucus fracturing around them, the Senate Republican caucus fled the chamber and met behind closed doors. Galloway reports that Cagle, with body guard in-tow, met with them for about 20 minutes. There will be more fun tomorrow.


Little Miss Sunshine said...

We love Moxie. And we love when our newly elected Dems are smart enough to avoid the mistakes made by our Democratic leadership in the House regarding Hope cuts and how to handle the Republican majority. I'll take punching them in the nose over cowering in the corner begging "Please don't hit me no more" any day.

Anonymous said...

I am watching this unfold with intense interest, I'd love to see Cowsert get what he deserves concerning redistricting, after what he and his brother-in-law did to Athens-Clarke County.
I am still in shock that Brian Kemp is our Sec. of State. The boy is a developer, and is in no way qualified to preside over our elections, much less conduct the other business of his office. Toadies, both of them, manipulitave little toadie-creeps.
I want my Democratic stronghold back, and don't care how we get it, even if it means working w/Cagle.
Heck, at this point I'd protect him, for much less than we're paying for his body-guards. Nobody would spot me as his security, and I would LOVE being a fly on his wall right now!