Sunday, March 6, 2011

New SC Politics

No doubt former Gov. Mark Sanford left an indelible scar on SC politics, but the current concern is, "what will new Gov. Nikki Haley do to correct that?" Her most recent declaration is that she will give out report cards on ALL Senate and House members. Not really a bad idea until you consider the reality that if , as a House member, you don't agree with her politics, i.e. recommendations, bills, etc., you get an "F". How ludicrous is all this considering how in debt our state is and all the "cuts" in funding we face. The most vulnerable in our society, the oldest and youngest, face the most severe cuts in funding. We as South Carolinians will need to step up and send Nikki Haley her report card.

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Amy Morton said...

Here in Georgia, we are struggling with a decade of cuts to education. We were already at the bone and now likely face cuts to HOPE and pre-K, program that became a nation template. All the while, our children fall behind. But, never fear. They're planning to fix all this by lowering the corporate income tax rate - already one of the lowest in the nation. Give me a break!