Friday, March 18, 2011

What Do You Make?

For the teachers who taught me, the one who raised me, and all those who give their very best day after day.
You make a difference!

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Little Miss Sunshine said...

Ooooh - Oooh - Oooh - SOOOOOO good! Passion AND Brains? Super Sexy. Thanks for posting this, Amy! And thanks to all the teachers out there who make a difference every single day! Thanks for pulling me aside outside of class and ASKING me why I was failing your class. Thanks for noticing my split lip in high school and not assuming I had gotten it on a sports team - that there really was a problem no one was addressing, but you. Thanks for taking the time to come to my high school reunion, just because there were some students you never forgot. Thanks for staying after school just to talk about the JFK assassination when we were all fascinated by it at 16 years old. Thank you, thank you, thank you......