Friday, April 29, 2011

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad state

We live in a state and a nation gone mad. We have lost touch with reality. We’ve jumped off the deep end and are falling like a rock. Think about it. What in the legislative session that just ended gives the impression sane individuals were in charge? The lunatics are running the asylum.

For example, wouldn’t logical people question the rationality of a bill that the Chamber of Commerce, President Obama, the Catholic Church, and several left-wing organizations all oppose? Obviously I am referring to the immigration law passed by the Georgia legislature. Didn’t they learn anything from Arizona? In a struggling economy, which depends heavily on the tourist and convention industry, why would we be doing something that might cause organization to not schedule conventions, or tourists to not visit Georgia? It could be seen as a job killing bill, not a job creation bill. Didn’t the Republicans promise more jobs, not less, when they ran last year? And, aren't they supposed to be in favor of less government, not more? Admittedly, there is a problem with undocumented workers, but this bill doesn't address the real issues, and besides immigration is a problem better handled at the federal level not by individual states.

Other job killing actions include cuts to education. Some businesses have decided not to build plants in Georgia because of our poor record on education. So how is cutting education funding whether at the pre-school, K-12, or college level going to create jobs and attract businesses? What is rational about that?

At the national level, Congress and the President finally agreed on a 2011 budget. Some of the cuts insisted on by our Senators and most of our Representatives were to FEMA. In the wake of the recent rash of tornados this spring, that doesn’t seem like a wise or compassionate decision. But whoever said they were compassionate, or wise?

The problem is we voted for the people making these decisions. What does that say about us, our compassion and our quality of education? Even if we didn't personally vote for them, we obviously didn't do enough to convince our friends and neighbors to vote for representatives who will protect our interests and those of most Georgians, instead of voting for those who will only protect and benefit the people at the top of the food chain.


Amy Morton said...

FEMA. Amazing. I had no idea that some of the recent cuts were to FEMA. After Katrina, in the shadow of the great earthquake in Japan, how could anyone support cuts to FEMA?

Great post, Jim! Welcome to Cotton Patch! We look forward to more!!

Burroughston Broch said...

The $141 million "loss" in Arizona is 1% of their tourism income. It's a very small price to pay to enforce Federal and State law. Or do you advocate only enforcing laws that won't reduce tax income?