Friday, April 15, 2011

Southern Politicos on the Move

The ice is breaking in the land of campaigns.

After a long, but normal, employment freeze immediately following the devastating elections of November 2010, Democratic groups and candidates are starting to hire up for 2011 and 2012, and some Southern political types are among those getting the nod.

From Virginia to the DNC:

Former Mark Warner staffer Amanda Howe was hired this week as COO of the DNC. Howe is replacing current DNC COO Ann Marie Habershaw, who served in that role for the past two years and just made the jump to COO of Obama’s re-election campaign.

Raising Money in Montgomery:

God Bless the Alabama Democratic Party. The much-beloved, much-beleaguered party saw the exit of both its long time Chair Joe Turnham and it's long time ED Jim Spearman in the last few months.

New ED and Alabama native Bradley Davis is fantastic, and the party also touts new Chair Mark Kennedy (He's an Auburn grad, btw). They even have a new money guy - a first in recent memory. Longtime Montgomery resident and Mobile native Will Blanton was named Finance Director this week. Good luck to the new slate at the ADP.

Florida now running the DNC:

Garnering lots of national headlines last week, Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s was recently named as head of the DNC - a move which elicited almost universal praise. Elected Dems will have a colleague at the helm for the first time in decades. Wasserman-Schultz is well-known in Florida and is unfortunately leaving a hole at the fundraising helm of the DCCC with her departure there.

Louisiana Senate Caucus hires new Director:

Luling, Louisiana native and Tulane grad Adam Eitmann was hired on earlier this month as Caucus Director for the Louisiana Senate Democratic Caucus in Baton Rouge. Eitmann recently handled races in Pennsylvania and Virginia. He's young, smart, energetic, and answering to LA Senate Caucus Leader Sen. Eric LaFleur, a rising star in Louisiana Democratic politics.

North Carolina House Caucus' lose is DC's gain:

Leslie Martes will be leaving the NC House Democratic Caucus to head to DC, where she will be working for Womens Voices, Women Vote. The NC Democratic Party and both the House and Senate Caucus are held up by most state parties as the model of how to do things in the South. More money, more staff, more wins... North Carolina is the high water mark of Democratic performance and Democratic operations below the Mason-Dixon line, and Martes certainly played her part in that success. Good luck to Leslie in DC.


Anonymous said...

Today is my last day as president of the Georgia Federation of Democratic Women. My two-year term is up. Our organization is experiencing a growth surge. We have got chapters popping up all over the state.
The presidential nominee who will be voted on and inducted into office tomorrow at the state meeting on Conyers (sponsored by Rockdale and Newton) is Gail Buckner. Gail will being a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to GFDW.
I can't figure out quite how to post here, but I'm really non "Anonymous."
Tina Simms

Oli said...

I believe that Fenika Miller is the current president of the Georgia Federation of Democratic Women, am I right? That is the last what I heard back in June 2011.Is she still on the position?

"Oli" for crise spasmophilie