Tuesday, June 28, 2011

WIN List Endorses Paris for Senate

Today, Georgia's WIN List announced their endorsement of Miriam Paris, candidate for an open state senate seat here in Middle Georgia (SD26). With a track record of endorsing candidates who ultimately WIN their races, a WIN endorsement is no easy get and signals a strong, progressive Democratic women who, with the right support, is poised to WIN her race. (These WIN women mean business. In 2010, 26 of WIN's 28 endorsed candidates won their races, and WIN helped defeat a Republican incumbent to reclaim one of only seven state legislative seats in the nation that flipped R to D is 2010.)

Most people are shocked when I tell them that when Paris wins her race, she will become just the 9th women in the Georgia Senate. That's right, currently only eight women, seven Democrats and one Republican, serve in that chamber. Incredible, right?

I am no longer on the WIN Board, but as past chair and Middle Georgia resident, I'd like to add my hearty "AMEN" to WIN's endorsement, and urge others to support Miriam with their vote, contributions and volunteer hours. Paris is a highly qualified businesswomen who most recently served as President of Macon City Council. Paris, a Democrat, has demonstrated an ability to bring people together to tackle tough issues. For example, despite the toughest economic climate many have ever experienced, Paris worked with her fellow council members and the Mayor to balance the budget and build the reserves while resisting tax increases.

But, all that wouldn't have been enough for Georgia's WIN List. As past chair of the organization, I am well-familiar with WIN's tough, three-prong endorsement criteria  that examines the 1) candidate; 2) the campaign and 3) the district.  The bottom line? WIN's goal is to increase the number of progressive Democratic women in the Georgia Legislature, so they only endorse outstanding candidates who, with the right support, are poised to WIN their races - women like Miriam Paris. In this race, there's a great opportunity to make a REAL difference!