Saturday, July 16, 2011

Macon Politics: This is the "Knock at Midnight"

On Tuesday, Maconites will go to the polls to vote for Mayor, Council and, in two special elections, will choose  new members for our local legislative delegation. Maybe elections are like labor, with the pain and stress forgotten once the election is over, but, if not, these campaigns have been among the most painful and divisive in memory. The overt attempts on the part of some to gain a political advantage by exacerbating the racial divide in our community threatens to undo the sincere work of many to address and heal past injustice and inequity and affirm our diversity as a strength. Any candidate who is willing to divide our community in this way, for personal power, is unfit to serve. On Friday, Rev. Eddie Smith, pastor of Macedonia Baptist Church in Macon, made history by speaking out for the first time about the tenor of the current local campaigns. He was spot on, and below, I am providing a copy of his remarks.