Thursday, January 12, 2012

And your little dog, too, Gov. Deal

Apparently, Gov. Deal (R-GA) thinks he can click his heels together, say "liberal" three times, throw in some funny math and make Georgia's jobs problem disappear.On Tuesday, Better Georgia, drew the wrath of the Governor's office when the organization placed this full page ad in the Governor's hometown paper, The Gainesville Times. Better Georgia challenged the Governor on his abysmal record on job creation and pointed to the sad statistic that Georgia is 51st in the nation, right behind Washington, D.C. when it comes to job creation. (See page 3 of the PDF State of Working in Georiga 2011.)

In the State of the State address, Gov. Deal seemed to understand that Georgia has a jobs problem. After all, he proposed a huge middle-class financed tax break of more than $157 million for big corporations in order to spur job creation. Everyone expected Gov. Deal to offer up this sort of already-failed top-down strategy that ignores the fact that business most often chooses to expand in states that, unlike Georgia, invest public schools and transportation so there will be a ready, reliable workforce.

No one expected the Governor's office to go completely off the reservation and claim there isn't a jobs problem in Georgia, but, after calling the nonpartisan Better Georgia "liberal" three times, that's exactly argument the Governor's spokesperson, Brian Robinson chose to make. Don't believe me? See the 11 Alive clip below:

Gov Deal Responds to Better Georgia from Bryan Long on Vimeo.

How can we expect the Governor to solve our jobs problem if he doesn't even acknowledge that it exists?  As one commenter said, soon, he will be rubbing Sonny Perdue's head and making three wishes. I make light, but Georgia's job situation is critical ,and Governor Deal's  lack of understanding is dangerous. Just ask folks like this Atlanta couple.