Thursday, March 29, 2012

Georgia's Double Dribble On Drug Tests for Welfare

When it comes to requiring those who get a "government check" to submit to an involuntary urine drug screen, Georgia legislators have run afoul of logic, practicality and constitutional soundness. Don't believe me? Watch this video for proof positive that while electeds are more than willing to force Georgia moms to pee in a cup, they draw the line at forcing their colleagues, let alone corporate CEO's who benefit from big dollar special interest tax breaks, to do the same. Watch, and then please share and sign this petition asking Gov. Deal to KILL THIS BILL!!

Kill this Bill: Unfair Georgia Drug Test from Bryan Long on Vimeo.


Anna Schafer said...

More disturbing, however, is that all of these friends voting "YES" on Mr. 69's poll are people of color-- all from poor and working class families.

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